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Moldex Realty Inc. wanted to make sure that the Filipino lifestyle is uplifted with the communities that they develop. The same is true of Metrogate Indang, too. You can expect to find modern facilities and amenities in this subdivision to enable homeowners to enjoy the urban conveniences without traveling far. Whether you seek out leisure or active amenities, you will find them within the subdivision premises.

It is expected with most modern house and lot developments today to have a secured gate. Metrogate Indang therefore has a security gate that is guarded by security personnel on a 24/7 basis. You can therefore guarantee that the entry and exit of vehicles in the subdivision are monitored. This is to give peace of mind to the homeowners knowing that only authorized individuals are allowed access inside its premises. There are two gates available in this subdivision: one is located along the Tanza National Highway and the other one is located close to the clubhouse. 

In addition to a gated entrance, the clubhouse is a distinctive feature inside the subdivision. The clubhouse is elaborately designed to fit into the theme of the subdivision development. In addition, it offers a large enough space for social events and special occasions (such as birthdays and reunions). The clubhouse is also well-maintained so it adds to the appeal of living in this community.

Next to the clubhouse is a swimming pool. This swimming pool is available for the residents of Metrogate Indang to use. This is another great spot for homeowners to relax in or cool off during a hot summer day. You can take your kids here or have a picnic pool side for a relaxing time with the family. In addition to the pool and the clubhouse, there are plenty of opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment within the subdivision gates. Your children are able to run around and play to their heart’s content at the playground area. The play area consists of swings, see-saws, monkey bars, and other features that your child can use. The playground area is also surrounded by plenty of trees and greens. Thus, it is also a good way to encourage them to go out and savor nature. This is a luxury that you can offer your family as compared to living in a highly urbanized setting.

For the adults, you can choose from the tennis court or basketball court to play in and get your fitness on. If you are not keen on getting active, there are plenty of parks and picnic areas. You can therefore choose one that is closest to where you live and relish in the peace and quiet of this community. 

On top of the recreational facilities and leisure amenities available at Metrogate Indang, the entire subdivision is also handled by professional property managers. Thus, you can rest assured that the street lighting is in quality condition, there is a centralized water supply system, underground drainage facility, and that the roads are in prime condition too. All the roads and gutters throughout the subdivision are concretized for your convenience.

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